Anita Stoll

Anita Stoll is a meditation teacher and clinical social worker who has been integrating yoga into her clinical work since 2002. Combining her love for yoga with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, Anita offers psychotherapy, yoga therapy, parenting support and education, and private and group yoga classes in the Austin community.

Anita has a Master’s of Science in Social Work (University of Texas at Austin,1993) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (Texas A&M, 1989). She has clinical experience in both individual and group psychotherapy, play therapy, family therapy, and parenting education. Anita co-founded Yoga and Talk® in 2002. She has been working with parents using family therapy and parenting education since 1993, and offers yoga therapy and meditation classes specifically for mothers.  She has clinical training and experience in helping children, teens, and adults with issues including anxiety, depression, grief/loss, trauma, divorce, and life transitions.  Anita is also a CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) practitioner.  CRM is a neuro-biologically based trauma treatment model that uses mindfulness, somatic awareness, and other therapeutic tools to create emotional safety (in and out of the therapy office) so that clients can safely and effectively work through traumatic events.

Anita practices and studies hatha yoga, meditation, and yoga philosophy in the Shambhavananda yoga® tradition. She has also had the privilege of learning from senior teachers of the Viniyoga and Anusara yoga traditions and is a student of ayurveda, all of which influence her use of yoga therapeutics.  She is a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and the founder of Austin Big Heart Yoga, Inc., an educational non-profit focused on teaching the practices of Shambhavananda Yoga®

Rates: $175 per 50-minute session of psychotherapy.  $255 for 80-minute session of psychotherapy.  Anita also provides yoga therapy (without a talk therapy component) for those who prefer to do “yoga only” to address mental health challenges. She is happy to collaborate with other therapists when clients are adding yoga therapy as a support to their ongoing talk therapy with another therapist.

Anita is an is out-of-network provider for all insurance plans.

Please note that many insurance plans reimburse for out of network services.

Call Anita at 512-789-3548 or e-mail her at to schedule an appointment.  Anita is currently offering telehealth and some in person sessions in her office in south Austin, 78704.

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