Psychotherapy is the interactive process of sharing one’s inner experience of thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and intuition within a safe, professional, therapeutic relationship. Psychotherapy helps individuals learn about themselves, work through past trauma and hurt, become more functional in their intimate relationships and daily life, and build inner resilience to better handle life’s ups and downs.

Our approach to psychotherapy includes a focus on client strengths, the mind-body connection, and helping people to accept and regulate a full range of emotions with the container of the therapist-client relationship. Through this therapeutic relationship, individuals can also experience emotional safety, acceptance, and an opportunity to see and share difficult or painful feelings and behavior patterns. As the past is explored and understood, clients discover new hopefulness, energy and curiosity about what is possible in their lives. Issues of attachment, trust, and interpersonal communication are often explored experientially, as well as verbally.

Our unique backgrounds as both clinical social workers and yoga teachers/practitioners guide us in integrating yogic practices and philosophy into psychotherapy sessions, after developing a mutual understanding of each person’s needs and treatment goals.

“It’s very striking that there’s nothing in western culture that teaches us that we can learn to master our own physiology— solutions always come from outside, starting with relationships, and if those fail, alcohol or drugs. Yoga teaches us that there are things we can do to change our brainstem arousal system, our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and to quiet the brain.” Yoga and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: An Interview with Bessel van der Kolk, MD – Integral Yoga Magazine (2009), pp. 12-13