Yoga and Talk Psychotherapy Groups are ongoing and require (at least) one  individual session to determine goals and appropriateness of fit.

Adult Women – Mondays 7pm-8:45pm

Yoga and Talk Therapy Groups teach specific techniques to boost vitality, decrease anxiety, manage stress, and strengthen confidence and sense of self. We choose yoga postures and exercises which support relaxation, confidence, safety, trust, and understanding the connection between body, mind, and emotions. The practice of yoga helps us appreciate, respect, and feel more comfortable in our own bodies. As needed, we tailor the yoga to specifically address problems of members such as anxiety, depression, high stress, or difficulty sleeping.

The group and leader offer support for independence even as they encourage important family connections. Participants help one another by acting as sounding boards and by giving support and feedback. They practice noticing their thoughts and feelings during interactions and expressing themselves directly. Confidentiality is required.

This approach addresses the WHOLE person (mind, body, spirit) and provides a unique opportunity for healing and learning about oneself.

What to expect: Each group begins with 30-45 minutes of  yoga followed by one hour of group therapy. These groups offer an opportunity to experience tools for emotional regulation and self compassion and to identify thoughts and feelings in the here and now.  By sharing with others in the group, members can experience open connection and gain confidence in their ability to safely reach out to others and improve relationships outside of the group.

Discussions are open and range from the inner critic and feelings of isolation, body image, friends and family relationships to concerns about work or school stress, substances and sexuality.

Group members report less depression and anxiety, a greater sense of connectedness, greater ability to focus and relax, and more confidence and energy.  Goals are reached which once seemed impossible!

To register or for more information about the group, contact Kelly Inselmann, LCSW, CGP, C-IAYT on contact page.

An initial individual session is required for all therapy groups in order to to get to know one another, establish goals, and determine that the group would be a helpful fit for you.

Individual sessions related to the group cost $150 and group sessions cost $70.  (Ongoing individual sessions with Kelly for therapy are $150).

A receipt for insurance reimbursement is available and many members have been able to receive at least partial reimbursement.





“I have changed so much that the things that I am ashamed of in my past are really just what they are. People change and so did I. I’ll probably keep doing that…It wasn’t an earth-shattering moment or anything, I just kind of lay there in the bath for a while feeling….I don’t know…content.” “Tracy”

“Thank you so much for your support through these times.”

“I am proud to report that I am on day 6 of my meditation and loving it. My inner dialogue is so much less hostile and I am seeing changes in how I treat my self. Thanks for showing it to me, I think it’s the perfect one for me to do right now. My intention at the beginning is always that I do it again the next day and that really seems to be working.”

“The Yoga and Talk atmosphere is so peaceful. You learn to be in the moment and accept what is there.”

[My daughter] loves it and I have noticed SO much improvement in her enjoyment of life and her happiness in general.