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I’ve been struggling. My brain and heart and nervous system feel overloaded. In spite of 20 years of yoga and meditation practice, I ‘m surprised to find myself in a repetitive cycle of checking my phone for the latest updates on another mass shooting, politics, and whether or not our country is moving in the “right” direction – which for me means an equitable, just and safe society for everyone. I’m listening too much to fear and anger and not enough to my own spirit.

My brain is being hijacked by the part of it that constantly scans for danger (the amydala) when I constantly check my phone. All day my nervous system is activated by anger and sadness. It’s hard not to feel fatigued. And even despairing

Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini yoga, called it “infomania,” this state of overwhelm and despair brought on by an overload of information causing agitation and depression.

The really good news is there are ways to protect our nervous systems and minds so we can live fully and even joyfully in the world.

I decided today I’m going back to the basics of my yoga practice, inspired by members of my ongoing Yoga and Talk group who recently attended a yoga vacation in magical Tulum, Mexico. What they most enjoyed was the relaxation and re-connection to themselves by unplugging and truly being present to their surroundings.

One member said that instead of listening to the (bad) news or looking at social media as soon as she awoke, she practiced yoga and listened to the waves, noticing deeper breaths and thinking her own thoughts.

We may not be living in paradise, but I know for a fact from my own experience, that we can bring nurturing and love to our bodies and minds wherever we are. But it takes a conscious commitment to connecting to your SELF before opening up to the larger world.

Are you with me? I’m committing to a 40 day morning practice for preventing infomania. I could use the company and community to keep my own momentum going. We can check in and share our experiences on the Yoga and Talk Facebook page AFTER doing the practices. You can even just say “Did it!” for a thumbs up from meJ

Let’s use social media to connect in a healthy way!

So here’s the lifestyle practice that I will be doing for 40 days. This is about intention and inspiration, not obligation or perfection!

Step 1: Go to bed at a reasonable hour. No screen time for the last half hour.

Step 2: Meditate each day before any screen time – this for me includes checking any email, texts or facebook. The amount of time of the meditation is less important than having it be a few minutes of intentional time. See the video on the Yoga and Talk FB page of Meditation to Release Cold Depression if you want to join in on what I’m doing. If you have a different meditation you are working with, go with that.

Step 3: Do a self massage with sesame or coconut oil (especially for summer) for 5 minutes before taking a shower. See video on Yoga and Talk FB page for instructions.

This whole practice can take 15-20 minutes of conscious intention each day or longer if you have time.

Let’s strengthen ourselves so we can bring more centeredness, joy, and positive action to ourselves, our families and the larger world.







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