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Yoga and Psychotherapy Consultation Group

with Kelly Inselmann, LCSW, E-RYT500

This group is designed for therapists who are integrating yogic practices into their clinical work with clients. The group is open to those who are dual-credentialed, being both licensed therapists and certified yoga teachers, or single-credentialed, such as yoga instructors seeking a master’s degree in clinical work; or psychotherapists with a personal yoga/meditation practice or who are seeking yoga teacher training certification.

The Yoga and Psychotherapy Consultation Group offers a supportive, confidential environment for clinicians to share about the on-going process of integrating yoga, breathwork, visualization, mantra, meditation, and mindfulness practices into psychotherapy work. The group will provide a unique opportunity for practitioners to articulate, explore, and witness with one another the power of the yogic teachings in their work with clients.

Through reading and discussion, case consultation, and experiential exercises, we will deepen our understanding of how to consciously and ethically bring the practice of yoga into our work with clients in ways that maximize treatment effectiveness. Research shows that the practitioner’s ability to teach the client how to self-regulate, in addition to cultivating therapeutic presence within a safe, attuned relationship, are the most significant factors related to therapy effectiveness. Recent research also shows that yoga practices, including meditation, relaxation, and physical postures, can reduce autonomic sympathetic activation, muscle tension, and blood pressure, improve neuroendocrine and hormonal activity, decrease physical symptoms and emotional distress, and increase quality of life.

Beginning in January, I am adding people to this group for therapists who are actively drawing from yoga and meditation in their work with individuals or groups.   We are currently meeting on Wednesdays but day and time can be negotiated.
Yoga and Talk for Therapists – Self Care Group with Kelly Inselmann, LCSW, E-RYT500
Fridays afternoons – Join with colleagues in an experiential exploration of the ways yoga and meditation can benefit your clinical practice and your quality of life.  Release the affect you are resonating with in your work, practice tools to change your state of mind, re-discover your core strength and your spontaneity, connect with colleagues who understand, and increase your longevity in the profession:)

Therapist groups offer clinicians a safe, supportive environment to deeply connect within and with each other as they experience the transformation of yoga and meditation in their lives. Groups begin with a check in by participants, followed by yoga, meditation, interactive exercises, sharing, and personal journaling.

The latest brain research strengthens the scientific basis for an integration of yoga and meditation with psychotherapy practices.  Therapists are receiving in depth training in approaches such as Dialectical behavioralism, Buddhist psychology, mindfulness exercises, progressive relaxation training, and mind/body awareness techniques.

The weekly support group was founded on the principle that in order to most effectively apply these practices in our own lives and in work with clients, one must experience a personal practice. While many clinicians are being trained theoretically in the importance of the mind/body connection in healing, this group offers support for the experiential journey. Members are encouraged to commit to a 40 day daily meditation practice and to share their experience with the group

The results for participants are renewed optimism and energy in their work and personal lives and greater confidence in their ability to teach or recommend yoga, relaxation, meditation and visualization exercises to patients.

No previous experience with yoga required.

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