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Next Training Spring 2015.  Contact Kelly to be on the list.


Weekend Therapist Training May 2-4, 2014 

If you are interested in the integration of yoga and psychotherapy, this is a workshop about inspiring your practices – both your daily yoga and meditation practice and your clinical practice.   

The best way to learn how to ethically integrate experiential practices into clinical work is to give yourself plenty of opportunities to practice.

Yoga and Talk ® presents:

Integrating Yoga and Psychotherapy in Clinical Settings

This experiential workshop is designed to introduce and explore with you the concepts, practical applications, and ethical considerations of integrating yoga and meditation practices into your work.

15 CEUs, including 3 Ethics CEUs for LCSWs and LPCs

 Who could benefit from this training?

  • Dual credentialed yoga therapists/mental health professionals currently integrating yogic practices into work.
  • Clinicians who practice yoga and meditation and want to explore ways to work experientially.
  • Masters level students in clinical programs.
  • Educators teaching holistic or integrative practices.

Where:  Sundara Yoga Therapy Studio, 10401 Anderson Mill Rd., Austin, TX 78750

Meals:  Delicious, high prana, vegetarian lunches provided on Saturday and Sunday.


$320 pre-registration before April 18th

$360 after 4/18.  Registration ends 4/28.

Registration:  As this workshop is based on group and interpersonal interactions and is highly experiential, we prefer to connect with each participant directly, prior to enrollment. We feel this will allow each participant to understand the level of participation required for the weekend, as well as give us an opportunity to tailor the course to the group, creating the most productive weekend for everyone.

If you’d like to join us for this weekend of training, please contact Kelly at 512.736.8990 or by email at to set up a time to connect. If you decide you would like to enroll, you will receive a link for payment as well as additional details for the course.
Class size is limited, so contact us soon to confirm your space.

Course Objectives:

1. To introduce clinicians, dual credentialed practitioners, and educators to the key elements of Yoga and Talk Therapy processes through experiential practices (Yoga and Talk), discussion, and didactic learning.

2.Participants will learn about some considerations for ethical integration of yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy practice.

3.Participants will learn through case examples about considerations in working experientially with a variety of clinical populations e.g. depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, suicidal ideation, self- harm, substance abuse, physical challenges or illness.

4. Practitioners will gain awareness of the significant impact of experiential practices on therapeutic relationships and gain confidence in their abilities to establish a safe and ethical space.

5. Participants will practice yogic tools useful for reducing anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, and post traumatic stress while building vitality, strength and focus.  They will have information to articulate how these practices are helpful.

6. Participants will experience contrasts in meditation practices (mindfulness, mantra, visualization, mental focus) and identify their  many different applications to specific client difficulties and needs.

7. Participants will explore personal patterns, fears, or concerns that might inhibit their sharing the tools of yoga and meditation with clients.

8. Participants will become aware of how countertransference is experienced physically and learn tools for addressing the physical depletion of sitting with clients and resonating with their feelings and pain.




Past Therapist Workshops Descriptions (CEUs available for LMSWs and LPCs)

The Ethics of Self Care (3 ethics CEUs)

Experience the many ways that yoga can help you to relax, release tension, and cultivate inner balance as a therapist.

This experiential workshop will explore the importance of self care as it relates to maintaining professional competence, preserving the integrity of our work with clients, and enhancing our own quality of life.

Introduction to The Integration of Yoga and Talk Group Therapy (2 CEUS)

Are you a health professional interested in learning more about the Yoga and Talk Model?  Come join this introductory, experiential workshop that demonstrates the benefits of a model of integration and explains some of the theoretical underpinnings which support it.  There will be time for questions and answers.

Letting Go of Countertransference Anxiety and the Pain of the Other (3CEUs):

Countertransference anxiety, projective identification, and absorbing the stories and pain of our clients are hazards of our profession.  There is always an energetic exchange and an imprint of the other.  At the end of a particularly hard day, symptoms can include rumination, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, anger, feelings of incompetence, and burn out.

Explore how client interactions trigger old vulnerability to feelings of hopelessness or helplessness and practice releasing accumulated tensions from working with strong client emotions. Learn yogic techniques to stay centered in sessions and move back into a state of integration and wholeness to better enjoy your work and life.


Comments from local therapists:

“It was fantastic!  Such a great reminder to continually refocus and BREATHE throughout busy/stressful days as a “best practice” to be present with clients and students.”

“It was great to have an ethics workshop actually be enjoyable.”

“Amazing blend of experiential practice, discussion, theory.”

“I appreciate that both presenters are social workers and can really respect the amount of stress we feel daily.  Thank you for the wonderful presentation and the calming spirits.”

“I had a very powerful experience during the chakra meditation. I learned something about myself during that exercise that I hold with me every day.”